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dress from the new 4 panels pattern

In the last post I showed you the pattern for the fitted dress from 4 panels. Well... it's finished:) It's made from 4 panels + 4 gores. It took my a while and even though it's a simple, linen dress it is my next garment which is entirely "period". (My previous blue dress was machine sawed and has a seam in the waist) The dress supports well what it should support and it fits closely- all what I wanted:)

I also made a simple linen apron- just in case we go for an outdoor event where I will have to help cooking... I'm not the best cook in the world;)

One thing I am not proud of are again the sleves: I wanted to make a gore at the back but I ended up with a tiny gore and not enough space for my shoulders...

Oh, and we went to York for the Tower of Hall feast:)

niedziela, 22 marca 2009, cailin5

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