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frilled veil

Especially for Machteld and Isis- how I've done my frilled veil. I hope You will understand my english explanation;)  If not,  You can send any questions to

First I took the long strips of fabric, folded them in half and fastened them like that:

After pulling the thread very tightly, the flounce looks like that:

Then I attached the flounces to the edge of semi oval textile- on the front side (the straight one), which is around my face, I have 4 layers of flounces. At the back there's one layer. The flounces are sewed between two layers of fabric.

On my head it looks like that:

I hope it will help You in your reserch:)

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wtorek, 02 stycznia 2007, cailin5

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Gość: Isis, *
2007/01/02 13:48:30
Hi Cailin,

I really like your interpretation! I had never thought of folding the strips double the way you did. It gives a really pretty effect.

Did you use starched linen? The frills really keep their form so well.

Thanks for translating into English!

2007/01/02 16:15:00
Hi Isis, unfortunately I used cotton to do my frilled veil:( It was at the time when I thought that it want make a difference... If I decide to do another one I will use linen:)
Gość: Isis, *
2007/01/03 10:38:19
If your character is a rich person, you can also use silk :-)

Did you know a whole book on frilled headwear will be published soon (I hope), in Autumn this year? The articles in it are from different authors (me being one of them) and the articles themselves will be mostly in English, some in German, and some others in Danish, Swedish and Norwegian. There will be a lot of photo's of previously unpublished period artwork featuring the frilled headwear too. My article will be on the socalled 'honeycomb pattern' type of frilled headwear, at the end of the 14th century.

If you want I'll keep you updated on when it will be published.
2007/01/03 13:34:15
It would be great! Thanks Isis, I would love to have this book:) We will keep in tuch:)
Gość: Pyton, *
2007/01/03 18:15:30
hehe, I can translate the scandinavian ones for you, Cailin:)
2007/01/03 21:30:06
I knew that I can count on You;) bisous!
Gość: isis, *
2007/04/25 18:40:06
hello Cailin,

i don't know if you already noticed, but on my blog i wrote a post about a first little article that was published on my frilled headwear research. it is in danish (you will find a link to it on my blog) but i have also put an english translation on my blog. it's only a short preview of the bigger article that will be published later this year, but i hope you enjoy it :-)